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Clerian Inc. operates and manages Solid HeatFlex™, an innovative material technology. The company is SBA 8A Certified, focusing on new and innovative products and technologies. It has launched multiple innovative products through large media platforms and made proposals to National Science Foundation and other national labs.  

We understand where and how the innovation becomes fully commercialized to benefit humans. Solid HeatFlex has a high potential in various sectors including commercial, industrial, military, and aerospace, replacing the existing materials such as Nichrome wire, Nanocoating, etc. 

Solid HeatFlex provides flexibility, durability, and high energy efficiency, benefiting target applications. Most importantly, Solid HeatFlex is an embeddable heat sensor directly into the material level, unlike other material solutions, allowing one to control the temperature of a target application in real time. 


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About Us

Our Plans for Solid HeatFlex™

Since Solid HeatFlex™ is a new material technology, we plan to create showcases for commercial and military applications, emphasizing robustness and energy efficiency.

Solid HeatFlex™ Partnership

We are actively looking for partners to diversify the use of material technology in various sectors such as construction, plants, and manufacturing of EVs, Drones, and other vehicles requiring pre-heating or surface heating. The partner(s) can take advantage of this innovative technology since it is proven to be a robust, seamless supply of electrical current, uniform heat distribution, and directly embeddable heat sensors to the material.

The Partnership

We provide dedicated engineering services and development support for your target application(s).

email contact: info@solidheatflex.net

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