About Us

Solid HeatFlex™ is operated by Clerian Inc, an SBA 8A Certified firm, which focuses on new and innovative products and technologies.  Clerian Inc has launched multiple innovative products through large media platforms such as HSN, Amazon.com, and other large businesses. We well understand the quality of products, services, and dedication for customers. We shall try our best to support our customers.    The Solid HeatFlex has a high potential in the market, replacing the existing materials such as Nichrome wire, Nanocoating, and etc. since the Solid HeatFlex provides flexibility, durability, and high energy efficiency. Most importantly, Solid HeatFlex makes it possible to embed heat sensors directly into the material level; therefore, real-time temperature control is possible.

Our Plans for Solid HeatFlex™

Since Solid HeatFlex™ is a new material technology in the market, we are to create a technology showcase for commercial use. Our own target application is using Solid HeatFlex™ as a heating pad resolving issues with existing heating pad products, that are inflexible, inefficient energy use, heavy, and slow heating up. Then we will expand other applications with partners in the US.

CalorBuddy made of Solid HeatFlex™

CalorBuddy is a heating pad made of Solid HeatFlex™, providing stable heat, long use of a battery via a USB-connected battery, flexible use, automatic temperature control when it reaches maximum heat, and portable.   This is a showcase of the technology while brings multiple benefits to consumers. The heating pad can be applied to any part of your body thanks to its flexible material: knee, arm, shoulder, and back.

Other applications for Solid HeatFlex™

As we are an engineering firm, we are looking for partners to diversify the use of material technology in various sectors such as construction, plants, and manufacturing.  The partner(s) can take advantage of this innovative technology since it is proven to be a robust, seamless supply of electrical current, uniform heat distribution, and directly embeddable heat sensors to the material which is NOT possible with other existing materials.

The Partnership and Benefits

We will be providing dedicated engineering services and development for your target application(s). We will try our best to serve you. Currently, we are engaged with a semi-conductor, personal healthcare device, and military vehicle manufacturers.


email contact: info@solidheatflex.net
address:  Clerian Inc, 2021 E. Via Burton, Unit L  Anaheim, CA. 92806