What is Solid HeatFlex™?

The Solid HeatFlex is distinguished from other existing technologies. In comparison to the existing technology, Solid HeatFlex™ is pressure-free, fire-resistive, energy-efficient, and flexible.  Moreover, the heating temperature can be controlled in real-time at the material level since the temperature sensor is directly embeddable at the material; this is one of the unique differences among other material technologies. 

Overview of Solid HeatFlex

Criteria Solid HeatFlex Advantages
Composition Stainless Fiber
Pressure from external forces Highly durable from continuous external forces or pressure
Temperature control Temperature control by a sensor; directly embeddable at the material level on real-time bases
Durability Continuous operation with a  broken wire; With a broken wire, it can still supply electrical current through other wires; Due to anti-oxidation properties, the life expectancy is longer than any other materials
Energy efficiency and uniform heat distribution  Allowing uniform heat disbursement that offers high conductivity and high energy efficiency.
Applications Heat tracing conduit for chemical, electrical plants, Seals, and covers for  mission-critical devices in aerospace, weapons, and washable clothing


Difference between wire heating vs. Solid HeatFlex

Wire surface heating Solid HeatFlex Heating
What is Solid HeatFlex - conventional nichrome wire What is Solid HeatFlex - Uniform heat distribution by Solid HeatFlex
  • Inefficient heat distribution, inefficient energy use, vulnerability to a broken wire resulting in total failure of the heat tracing system.
  • Slower heat uptime
  • Takes larger volume for an application
  • Uniform heat distribution, Efficient Energy Use,  Still operable with a broken wire
  • Faster heat uptime
  • Takes less volume for a target application


Demonstration of the temperature uniformity between wire surface heating vs. Solid HeatFlex

Wire surface heating  Solid HeatFlex Heating
Solid HeatFlex - Wire heat uniformity Solid HeatFlex - Solid HeatFlex Uniformity of heat distribution
Solid HeatFlex - Wire heat uniformity Solid HeatFlex - Solid HeatFlex Uniformity of heat distribution
  • Hotness and uniformity are reduced within the entire heating area due to heating on the line
  • Long time to initial target temperature, increasing the length of the heater → increasing the volume to expand the heat exchange
  • Surface heating allows the uniform temperature to be achieved within the entire heating area
  • The even radiation of heat and the short distance between the heat source and heated object makes it quick to reach the desired temperature and so high efficiency achieved due to the large area of heat exchange


Typical Solid HeatFlex Composition

Demonstration of the Solid HeatFlex raw material (made of stainless fiber)

Solid HeatFlex is customizable to meet your unique requirements

We well-understand that every customer has its own requirements for a particular application.  In order to achieve this, we have qualified engineers and processes.

What is Solid HeatFlex - customize requirements and production

Solid HeatFlex – Surface Heating Applications

Solid HeatFlex is used in mission-critical environments requiring real-time temperature control, robust operation. Furthermore, it provides high energy efficiency, which is a key and one of the most important factors for any business, government agency, or personal use.


Why Solid HeatFlex in mission Critical Environment?

Since it is flexible, durable, and directly embeddable heat sensors to the material, it provides great value for your current or upcoming projects.  Today, Solid HeatFlex has been engaged with plants, semiconductor manufacturing, personal healthcare equipment manufacturers.  They all need precise heat control in real-time while requiring energy efficiency.

Other App[lications of Solid HeatFlex

It is also applicable to military use such as weapons, batteries, and other military devices.  Controlling room temperature in real-time is one of its applications taking advantage of direct embeddable heat sensors at the material. CalorBuddy is a technology showcase for commercial use.