what is solid heatflex?


What is Solid HeatFlex™?


Solid HeatFlex is a unique material technology that distinguishes it from the existing technologies. 

Solid HeatFlex™ is pressure-free, energy-efficient, and flexible. Moreover, the heating temperature can be controlled in real-time at the material level since the temperature sensor is directly embeddable in the material, which is one of the unique differences among other material technologies.

Overview of Solid HeatFlex

Below is the summary of the Solid HeatFlex characteristics.  

CompositionStainless Fiber
Pressure from external forcesHighly durable from continuous external forces or pressure
Temperature controlTemperature control by a sensor; directly embeddable at the material level on real-time bases. 
DurabilityContinuous operation with a broken circuit; With a broken wire, it can still supply electrical current through other wires; Due to anti-oxidation properties, the life expectancy is longer than any other materials.
Energy efficiency and uniform heat distributionAllowing uniform heat disbursement offers high conductivity and high energy efficiency.
ApplicationsHeat tracing conduit for chemical, electrical plants, Seals, and covers for  mission-critical devices in aerospace, weapons, and washable clothing.

Difference between wire heating vs. Solid HeatFlex

Wire surface heating

What is SolidHeatFlex - chrome wire heating image

Solid HeatFlex Heating

What is SolidHeatFlex - solid heatflex heating image

  • Inefficient heat distribution
  • Inefficient energy use
  • Vulnerability to a broken wire resulted in the total failure of the heat tracing system.
  • Slower heat uptime
  • Takes bigger dimensions 
  • Uniform heat distribution,
  • Efficient Energy Use
  • Operable with a broken wire
  • Faster heat uptime
  • Lightweight, slimer and takes less dimensions for a target application

Comparison of the temperature uniformity between wire surface heating vs. Solid HeatFlex

Wire surface heating 

Irregular heat distribution 

Solid HeatFlex Heating

Uniform heat distribution 

Solid HeatFlex - Wire heat uniformity

Solid HeatFlex - Solid HeatFlex Uniformity of heat distribution

Heat Radiation Pattern of wire heating  

Solid HeatFlex - Wire heat uniformity

Heat Radiation Pattern of Solid HeatFlex 

Solid HeatFlex - Solid HeatFlex Uniformity of heat distribution

  • Lack of uniform heat distribution  
  • Taking longer to reach the desired temperature level → increasing the volume to expand the heat exchange
  • Uniform heat distribution, Efficient Energy Use, Still operable with a broken wire
  • Faster heat uptime, Lightweight and takes less dimensions for a target application

Typical Solid HeatFlex Composition

Demonstration of the Solid HeatFlex raw material (made of stainless fiber)

Solid HeatFlex Application Example 

Solid HeatFlex is customizable to meet your unique requirements

We understand that every customer has its requirements for a particular application. To achieve this, we have qualified engineers and processes.

What is Solid HeatFlex - customize requirements and production


Solid HeatFlex – Surface Heating Applications

Solid HeatFlex is used in mission-critical environments requiring real-time temperature control and robust operation. Furthermore, it provides high energy efficiency, a crucial factor for any business, government agency, or personal use.


Why Solid HeatFlex in Mission Critical Tasks?

Since it is flexible, durable, and directly embeddable heat sensors to the material, it provides essential values for your current or upcoming projects. Solid HeatFlex engages with semiconductor plants, thermal targets for ENVG, and personal healthcare equipment manufacturers. They all need precise heat control in real-time while requiring energy efficiency.

Raw Material

(Made of STS-316L Wire, 0.1mm) 

Solid HeatFlex made of STS 316L Wire

Weaving the wire

Solid HeatFlex - Weaving the STS wire

Electrode Ultrasonic Welding 

solid heatflex - electrode ultrasonic welding

Pattern Design for an application

pattern design for an application

Applicable Temperatures

(-40℃ ~ 250℃)

solid heatflex - applicable temperatures


Other Applications of Solid HeatFlex

Solid HeatFlex applies to EV and drone batteries for preheating and other military uses such as weapons, batteries, and mission-critical devices.