Heating Element for Electrical Vehicles

heating element for electrical vehicles - ev being stalled in cold weather

The Heating Element for Electrical Vehicles | Solid HeatFlex


The heating element for electrical vehicles using Solid HeatFlex brings multiple benefits for EV batteries.

The heating element made of the new material technology protects the batteries from extreme cold weather with its flexible, durable, energy efficient, and embeddable heat sensors at the material level, allowing an ideal solution for EV battery protection and providing innovative pre-heating.

Solid HeatFlex Configuration with the EV Batteries, preheating the battery


Heating Element for Electrical Vehicles

Electrical Vehicles 

The EV uses electrical batteries, which cost about 40% to 50% of the total cost of the car, and the lifespan of the batteries is eight(8) years or 100,000 miles. 

However, extreme cold weather damages the EV batteries, shortening their lifespan, and the EV stops working in such weather conditions. Solid HeatFlex electrical heating element can resolve the issues by pre-heating the batteries using minimum electrical energy. 

The battery is a critical component for Electrical Vehicles, which needs proper protection. 


Can the existing material technology resolve the issues with  EV batteries? 


Traditional wire heating does not provide uniform heat distribution, limiting radiation of heat efficiency and consuming unnecessary energy.


Nano silver, nanocoating, or other heating materials may not meet what EV requires for pre-heating batteries:


  • Flexible 
  • Durable
  • Energy-efficient 
  • Temperature control at the material level in real-time



Solid HeatFlex

Chrome Wire

Film / Nano 

Heat endurance 

High Heat

High Heat


Pressure and movement endurance



Very Low 

Energy Saving




Uniform Heat Distribution 


No / Irregular 


Fast Heat Up 

Fastest (40% faster than others)



Space & Volume 




Sensor embeddable directly to the material




What is Solid HeatFlex™?

It uses flexible and durable material that offers flexibility and uniform heat distribution, energy efficiency, oxidation-free, real-time temperature control of a target application.  

The unique value of the technology opens up multiple applications for Pre-warming Vehicle Batteries (especially in extremely cold temperatures), Heat Tracing for industrial, and Medical applications. It ultimately saves energy which is essential for many applications, especially in EV automotive. 

  Furthermore, it is light and flexible. These valuable properties can help improve existing operations or products. 

Summary of Solid HeatFlex for EV

  • The innovative surface heating technology  shall help  EV battery solutions and in car Climate control.
  • Effective surface heating material with modularized design shall increase EV battery operation, especially during winter
  • The best surface heating technology for passenger cars without needing expensive climate controlling system.
  • Save the operation costs associated with both EV battery efficiency & car climate control
  • The core technology directly addresses energy-efficiency without needing complicated software/hardware.

More hardware and More software means more cost.  Thus, cutting unnecessary software and hardware eventually saves operating costs and cost of goods.

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