Thermal Target for ENVG

thermal target for ENVG

Background of thermal target for ENVG uses in the military. 

The thermal target for ENVG (Enhanced Night Vision Goggle) is a relatively new requirement for the US military, collaborating with Enhanced Night Vision Goggle, which provides IR and Thermal tracking modes, a third generation of night vision goggles. 

Why a thermal detection is necessary for the military?

The military traditionally has been using IR night vision goggles, which help to find and track targeted enemies on the battlefield.

 However, the issue with IR night vision goggles is that it only works if the target does not have IR devices to detect any movement using IR night vision goggles by the other party, the searcher. 

This issue initiated the US military to develop night vision goggles to support IR and Thermal detection, embedding IR and thermal sensors in the goggles; thus, the military personnel is safe from IR detection using the thermal mode. 





thermal target for ENVG - Trainee with ENVG and Target image


Why does the military need a thermal target for ENVG?

The military needs sufficient training for combat forces on using the thermal ENVG, and to achieve this goal, they will require thermal targets for shooting practices at night: 

  • Sufficiently generating heat throughout the target
  • Multiple Use (a hundred of shooting)
  • Portable and easy to set up 
  • Visible with the ENVG within 300 yards 

 Issues with commercially available thermal targets

Various thermal targets are commercially available today: made of paper, chemicals, or electrical circuits. None of these satisfy the above requirements for generating enough heat throughout the body of the thermal target visible by the ENVG, lacking uniform heat dissipation by the product. Even if the thermal target employs an electrical circuit with a battery, it is vulnerable to shooting; once the bullet penetrates the circuit, it no longer functions. Chemical overlay or paper thermal targets may work in short range with limited brightness, unsuitable for the ENVG training targets. 

Why does SolidHeat Flex perfectly meet as the Thermal Target for ENVG?

Material Construction 

Crafted from stainless fiber, it naturally makes the circuits horizontally and vertically with less than 1mm width, covering the thermal target. 

Robust operation

The SolidHeatFlex thermal target survives a hundred shootings due to the material construction with micro-circuits, allowing the electrical current to pass through undamaged stainless fiber, generating sufficient heat using other circuits. 

 Uniform Heat Generation 

Unlike other material technology, the micro-circuits distribute the heat across the thermal target, enabling the trainee to see the target at a far distance, within a range of 300 yards.

Easy to set up and portable 

The SolidHeatFlex thermal target for ENVG is portable and easy to set up since it requires less electrical energy than other heating targets made of chrome wires with battery power (a jacket-like target). 

Flexible to meet various shapes and dimensions

The stainless fiber makes it possible to fit in angled surfaces and large dimensions, a human look size while it weighs pretty light, less than 100g, simulating a human size target.   

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