Medical thermal massage bed

Medical thermal massage bed | Made of Solid HeatFlex™

If you are having muscle pain in your back, leg, or shoulder, then it could be a good idea to use a medical thermal massage bed. Solid HeatFlex™, a new heating material technology provides multiple advantages used as the heating element for the bed.

Heating material for medical use | heated massage bed

Benefits of medical thermal massage bed made of Solid HeatFlex™

  • Fast Heat-up time:  You should feel warm within 20 seconds after powering on the bed. Also, changing the heat temperature is done in real-time, which means you will feel the change immediately after the increase or decrease of the temperature.


  • Flexible:  Thanks to Solid HeatFlex™ technology, a manufacturer of the medical thermal massage bed can easily use the heating element applying to any part of the bed, especially the curved areas of the bed.


  • Durable:  The nature of a thermal massage bed is to provide pressure and movement with mechanical parts and heat to a human body, its heating element is important.  It has to be durable for long use.  The old chrome wire or other material cannot be easily used with the moving parts, the rolling balls, that are critical to the role of the massage function since the wire can be broken after a few months of use.   Solid HeatFlex™ provides durability to the heating element since it is made of fine stainless fiber, which is proven to be durable as compared to chrome wire.


What is Solid HeatFlex


  • Uniform heat distribution:  Ideally, the medical thermal massage bed provides uniform heat distribution so that the heat can be applied to any part of a patient’s body.  Since Solid HeatFlex™ is made of an array of stainless fiber, it ensures to provide even heat distribution.


Heating material for medical use | heated massage bed - an engineering sample

  • Above is an example of the heating element made of Solid HeatFlex™, the size of covering a human body.  Solid HeatFlex™ is flexible enough to cover any given size for surface heating.  The only variation would be voltage for different sizes covering a surface heating application.



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