Medical thermal massage bed

medical thermal massage bed - an image with a patient in a massage bed

Medical thermal massage bed | Made of Solid HeatFlex™

A medical thermal massage bed helps to relax muscles in your back, leg, or shoulder, easing the pain. Applying the Solid HeatFlex™, a new heating material technology, to the medical thermal massage bed exemplifies multiple advantages compared to other wire heating. 

Heating material for medical use | heated massage bed

Benefits of medical thermal massage bed made of Solid HeatFlex™

  • Fast Heat-up time: You should feel warm within 20 seconds after powering on the bed. Also, changing the heat temperature is done in real-time, which means you will feel the change immediately after the increase or decrease in the temperature.
  • Flexible: Thanks to Solid HeatFlex™ technology, a medical thermal massage bed manufacturer can quickly adapt the material to the bed, especially in heavily moving areas, curved areas, and narrow openings.
  •  Durable: The thermal massage bed provides pressure and movement with mechanical parts and heat to the human body, requiring durability and longevity. 
  • The chrome wire heating is vulnerable in this application since a chrome wire may not stand with the moving parts, the rolling balls, that are critical to the role of the massage function. Solid HeatFlex™ provides durability and longevity for the medical thermal massage bed, made of fine stainless fiber, withstanding pressure, heat, and weight.  

 Durable thermal massage bed image

  • Uniform heat distribution: The medical thermal massage bed needs to provide uniform heat distribution for applying thermal treatment to a patient’s body. Crafted from an array of stainless fibers, Solid HeatFlex™ ensures to provide even heat distribution.

Solid HeatFlex - Uniform Heat Distribution Image

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