Resolving multiple issues by Solid HeatFlex™ Surface Heating

Solid HeatFlex Surface Heating Technology is new and innovative, resolving many issues with the existing materials today, for commercial or industrial applications. It has earned multiple patents globally.

The main applications of Solid HeatFlex™ are heat tracing or surface heating for industrial or commercial use helping to resolve issues with the current heating materials.  It offers robust and highly reliable results for the target applications.  This unique technology was discovered by researchers, who had issues with the products made of existing technology like nichrome wire, silver nanocoating, nanocarbon coating, which are:

  • Inflexible
  • Inefficient energy use
  • Uneven heat distribution
  • Unable to monitor or control the temperature of target applications in real-time 
  • Slow heat up time 
  • A broken wire results in total failure of the target application

The key advantage of SolidHeat Flex is that it is directly embeddable of temperature sensors at the material, which allows real-time control of the surface heating of a target object. None of the material technology can support this unique property of direct heat control at the material level.

Absolute Benefits of Solid HeatFlex for Surface Heating

SolidHeatFlex Surface structure


Our patented technology(US), Solid HeatFlex brings multiple benefits to an application for surface heating and real-time heat temperature control.

  • Embeddable temperature sensors at the material enabling for real-time temperature control
  • Robust and continuous supply of electrical energy for heating(The system still works with a portion of the broken circuit)
  • Uniform heat distribution to the target application (Heat distribution is equal on any surface or angle)
  • Highly resistive to pressure or any external forces
  • Faster heat-up time as compared to other materials
  • Lightweight and flexible

With these advantageous features, Solid HeatFlex Surface Heating Technology is adopted and used in mission-critical applications such as automotive, aerospace, industrial production facilities, and consumer medical use.


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