Absolute benefits with Solid Heat Flex

Absolute benefits with Solid Heat Flex for surface heating

The absolute benefits of Solid Heat Flex for surface heating are numerous.  It is a new material technology, which has earned multiple patents globally.  Thanks to its valuable properties of flexibility, durability, high energy efficiency, and embeddability of heat sensors in the material allows a wide variety of applications such as automobiles, personal care, industrial, construction, and military.   The purpose of this article is to demonstrate and explore the possibility of using Solid Heat Flex in different applications.


Some high-end automobile offers a heated seat for consumer convenience and comfort.  The heated seat is highly valued in the cold regions during the winter.  However, the current issues with heated seats offered by auto manufacturers are slow heat-up time, inefficient energy use, and uneven heat distribution.  Manufacturers may have difficulties during the design or production processes since the old materials are inflexible or fragile, which makes it hard to reach the target area for heating.  Furthermore, the heat distribution is NOT equal to all targeted surfaces.

Absolute benefits with Solid HeatFlex - heated seat for automobile

Unfixable issues with the old material for the heated seat

Other materials are not able to provide uniform heat distribution while Solid Heat Flex can equally supply the heat in a given area of the seat.  Most importantly, the flexibility of the material can be a challenge for an automobile manufacturer since the wire or other materials may disallow installing the materials in the targeted area of the seat.

An example of absolute benefits with Solid Heat Flex for heated seat


The beauty of Solid Heat Flex is that it provides fast heat-up time as compared to the nichrome wire, nanosilver, nanocoating, or other types of heating methods. Also, it uses energy efficiently.   Uniform heat distribution of the seat is also one of the important factors and Solid Heat Flex ensures even heat disbursement while controlling the heat in real-time, which ultimately benefits the consumers.

Battery protection from cold temperature

A battery is one of the critical components for any type of vehicle on the land or in orbit, yet it is vulnerable to cold temperatures.  Especially, a military vehicle also crucially needs to consider the operating environment, where it can be deployed in a desert or extremely cold area.  There are materials to keep warm for batteries ensuring the vehicle is operable at the cold temperature. However, there are issues with the current materials used for batteries to keep the normal operating temperature in either extreme cold temperature or extreme hot temperature.

Absolute benefits with Solid Heat Flex

Personal Care 

Issues with the existing heating pads

A heating pad can be a blessing product during the winter in cold regions.  It not only provides the heat to keep warm at night but also helps to ease muscle pains.  However, some of the heating pads are not able to provide constant heating due to avoid overheating. They simply shut off the power so that you will not have the constant heating you need during the night.

Solid Heat Flex for Surface Heating

Furthermore, the heating pad is bulky and it is unnecessarily heavy unable to put it into a target area of your body such as the knee, arm, wrist, or back.

The solution to the existing heating pads

CalorBuddy has been created to demonstrate Solid Heat Flex technology.  It is light, flexible, durable, and energy-efficient while the heat is controlled in real-time thanks to the heat sensor directly embedded in the material.  You may apply it to any part of your body.   It ensures continually providing constant heat over the night.  Once you set the temperature at the maximum level and it reaches to the max temperature, it automatically resets to the low temperature without disconnecting the entire power.

Calorbuddy Heating Pad - flexibility

Solid Heat Flex enabled massage chair

A massage chair provides both movement and heat to relax your muscle.  It is very helpful especially when you have muscle pains. The combination of movement and heat furthers relaxing your muscle.   The Solid Heat Flex for surface heating in this type of application can clearly demonstrate the advantages of the technology.

Solid Heat Flex for Surface Heating

The main drawback of other materials used as surface heating for a massage chair

The old material used for heating the chair takes too long to heat up, typically it takes 15 minutes to the preset temperature. Also, the heat is not provided equally to the targeted area of the massage chair.

Below is the heat map comparison of nichrome wire vs. Solid Heat Flex

Solid Heat Flex for Surface Heating

Solid Heat Flex resolves issues

The left heat map photo is taken from a material that is made of nichrome wire and the right photo is the Solid Heat Flex.  It clearly demonstrates the nichrome wire doesn’t provide uniform heat distribution while the Solid Heat Flex equally generates the heat for the entire targeted area.   Also, thanks to the durability and flexibility of Solid Heat Flex, it can be easily adapted to a massage chair application, which requires a durable and flexible operation for massaging.

The above are some of the applications using absolute benefits with Solid Heat Flex for surfacing heating; however, the technology has a huge potential for other target applications that we are unaware of.

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